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As you all should know by now, the Entertainer DJ Dave Stylus @DaveStylus and his engineer Fry Weezy who is a total pervy weirdo do these incredible mixes! Well Dave is about to come on board as our Music editor. You know; once we get his contract sorted. These damn superstars and their six figure salaries!

Check out Dave’s Aqua Boog-E mix and then check him out at Mix966FM for booking infomation! In the meantime! Enjoy Part 1 of the Aqua Boog-E Old School mix!

Taking you waaaaay back to the days of Aqua Net Hairspair, Pompadours, Rolled Up Stone Washed Jeans, Shoulder Padded Jackets, and Creepers€¦ This is a mix that combines FreeStyle, House, KROQ New Wave, and 80€²s Party Jams..  This is the first one of the a Series of Mixes€¦  Hope you enjoy this Mix€¦

DJ Dave Stylus

DJ Dave Stylus Aqua Boog-E Mix – Mix966FM.Com – Fast Lane Magazine

Ok I found this image on the internet from one of the bloggers over at GenerationXPop … And OMG I remember going to school with girls who’s hair looked like this… LOL Enjoy!

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