With tomorrow marking the first official day of Spring, our friends over at from LifeStyles Condoms shared a few statistics from their Sexual Satisfaction Survey that could be a good fit for any Spring Fever/Summer Sex roundups!

 €œSpring fever is based on the fact that a sunny and warm environment is more conducive to socializing,€ says Carol Carrozza, VP of Marketing for LifeStyles. €œAnd this increased social activity, combined with an increase in hormones, leads to a flurry of summertime sex.€

  • Under the Sun: 60% of the female respondents admitted to having had sex outdoors, with 55% of the males having done the dirty deed outside.
  • Risky Behavior: 52% of females, and 58% of males confess that they€™d like to have sex in a public place, where other people could see them.
  • Feeling Playful: 74% of male respondents said they wouldn€™t mind incorporating sex toys into routine.
  • Cue the Tape: Nearly half of the female respondents (46%) said they would be willing to (or have already!) make a sex tape with their partner.

€œSpring Fever€ is often associated with increased energy levels, weight loss, boosts in confidence, and an elated mood due to a hormonal response to the increase in sunlight. LifeStyles Condoms€™ sales index support this notion, with a spike in sales during the mid-spring and summer months, proving that as the weather heats up, so does the action in the bedroom.

We’re thinking about doing a condom giveaway, would you folks be interested in such a thing? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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