5 Tips On How To Order Cake Online In Singapore

Considering how the world is still adjusting to COVID-19, purchasing your cake online seems like the safest and wisest decision to make. If you have a special occasion coming up on your calendar, you should order your preferred cake online in Singapore, instead of doing so in person!

Unless there is no other choice, you should choose to order your cake from an online cake shop. It’s safer, more convenient, and less time-consuming! However, just because you can pick any cake of your liking and have it delivered to your home, doesn’t mean you should ignore a few other aspects of online shopping that could affect your purchase.

For instance, have you considered the distance between your house and the online cake shop? Before you order a cake online in Singapore, the first thing you should do is find an online cake shop near you. The farther the distance between you and the cake shop, the longer it will take for your order to arrive!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Besides the location of your preferred online cake shop, there are many factors to consider when it comes to buying cake off the Internet (or just online shopping in general).

Here are some tips on how to order cake online in Singapore!



What is your definition of the word “perfect”? You might think an entity is perfect if it has all the desirable qualities without any flaws—which is true! However, nothing is flawless in this world, which is why you need to find an online cake shop that is perfect enough for you.

How can you search for the perfect online cake shop, anyway? For starters, as mentioned earlier, you should consider the location of the cake shop. If you plan to order a cake and have it delivered on the same day, you need to purchase from an online cake shop near you. The closer the shop to your home, the faster your cake will arrive.

However, the location of the online cake shop is not the only factor to consider. Another thing to keep in mind is the credibility of the cake shop and its services. Check if the online cake shop offers reliable delivery services with a reputation for making quality cakes. To do so, you can visit the shop’s website and see if it has a testimonials page. 

Other ways of checking the credibility of an online cake shop include exploring its website for quality content. Most online shops have blog pages that you can visit to explore through different posts about various relevant topics.


When looking at countless cakes online, you can see the passion and creativity put into designing such high-quality desserts. But before you order a crafty and stylish cake online, you have to consider whether or not it tastes as good as it looks.

Not surprisingly, you might get fooled into buying a cake due to its creative design. However, remember that the purpose of buying a cake is to enjoy its sugary goodness, not just admire its beauty! In that case, look for a cake that looks and tastes delicious.

To discover how well a cake tastes without actually taking a bite, you can read a description on its product page at the online cake shop. Discover the behind-the-scenes making of the cake by checking its ingredients. If the product page does not contain enough information, you can contact the online cake shop and request additional details.


Even if the online cake shop of your choice is near your house, there is a chance that delivering your cake might take longer than usual depending on the shop’s delivery services.

For example, some cakes require a longer time for completion before the online cake shop can deliver it to its customer. These cakes usually come in intricate designs that need trained pastry chefs to get the job done successfully. For that reason, purchasing such types of cakes means it could take a day or two before your order will arrive.

Consider the type of cake you want to order and the delivery methods that come along with it, especially if you are planning to host a special occasion, like a birthday or anniversary. In any case, you should schedule a delivery if you plan to order a special high-end cake online in Singapore. Doing so will make sure your cake will arrive on or before the specified date!


If you are unsure about the cake for your birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion, visit an online cake shop and look for its best-selling cakes! You could do this to other restaurants as well if you don’t know which meal will suit your tastes.

You can visit the website of an online cake shop to check its most popular cakes. After all, they are a fan-favourite for many reasons, which is why you can probably trust other customers when it comes to looking for a logical choice if you are undecided. 

Nonetheless, try inspecting the cakes themselves by reading the descriptions or contacting the online cake shop to know more about the ingredients.


When planning to order a cake online in Singapore, the most important thing to keep in mind is your budget. You can search for countless cakes online that are right within your budget range. In doing so, you can avoid spending too much on a cake that may not even satisfy your cravings, so stick with your budget and look for an online cake shop that sells affordable cakes.


Looking for the perfect online cake shop can be just as challenging as planning to order a wedding or birthday cake online in Singapore. Fortunately, everything you need is here at Bellton Patisserie! This online cake shop has a wide selection of quality pastries and cakes, suited for any occasion! Visit this website to know more about these delicious cakes!

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