All you need to know about Aerated Concrete 

Aerated concrete is of different types i.e., lime mortar and cement. It is nothing but a lightweight concrete and the matrix entraps the air traps with the help of an aerating agent. Do you know, it is considered as the lightweight concrete and people love it because of this property? It can economize the walls and foundations of the lower floors. 

As the name suggests, aerated concrete entraps the air in it and this entrapped air looks like porous concrete. This porous structure completely saves a lot of material mixture. It is a well-known product which is known for its thermal insulation property. Although, the density of this concrete varies depending upon the production technique. Remember, aerated concrete products are high in demand because of its multiple applications such as insulation, partition, structural, etc. This is the only reason why the aerated concrete price (ราคา อิฐมวลเบา, which is the term in Thai) is increasing because of the high demand in the market. 

At the time of introduction, this product was introduced only for the insulation property.  But later on, a lot of new implications were known i.e., the ability for large space utilization saves a lot of material mixture, lightweight, etc. Depending upon the pore formation or porous nature, the aerated concrete is divided into two broad categories. Let’s know about them. 

Foamed Concrete: 

It is considered as the most economical concrete type because there are no chemicals used or introduced in the concrete mixture. Pore introduction is completely different because the pore formation occurs through the mechanical technique i.e., mix foaming or pre-formed foaming. 

Mix foaming is the process by which the mortar mixture is directly combined with the foaming agent. When concrete will be mixed properly, it will lead to the generation of foams. 

Pre-formed foaming is a different process. As per this process, a small part of a concrete mixture is mixed with the foaming agent and when mixed with the complete mixture, the foams generate with the help of a compressor. 

Gas Concrete: 

It is completely different from the foamed concrete. It is produced by adding the gas-forming chemicals. The chemical is added at the fluid stage and when it solidifies, the air escapes out which results in a porous structure. 

Both types are completely different and hence the aerated concrete price also differs. Depending on your interest and dealer, you can choose the preferred type for you.  


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