Methods of Brow Shaping

Did you know eyebrow shaping can create a subtle difference on your entire face? Grooming your eyebrows in a good balanced proportion and balance can take your appearance to the next level. Brow shaping can be termed as a type of personal grooming that entails trimming and plucking eyebrow hairs for a desired shape. Eyebrow grooming is common practice for women. Brow shaping in Del Mar is mainly done by experts at salons using special kits. The most common eyebrow practices involve;

  • Waxing method: This practice is mainly carried out at salons
  • Threading method: The style features shaping of eyebrows through the use of a double strand of thread to remove eyebrow hairs all at once in a defined, straight line.

Steps to Easy Trimming and Plucking of Eyebrows

Brush the eyebrows upwards using an eyelash comb, then trim long eyebrow hairs. Trim any ends that stick up over the top of the brow line using small eyebrow scissors. Ensure the ends of the eyebrows roughly correspond to the eyes. The appearance of the eyebrow arch should be visible just outside the iris.

Plucking should involve the removal of few hairs at a time to avoid overdoing it. Pluck any stray hairs below the brow line. Do not exaggerate trimming and plucking into a thin line as it creates an exaggerated arch appearance.

Avoid repeated removal of the same eyebrow hair as it can cause damage to the follicle. Use eye pencil or favorite powder to help identify stray hairs.

Comparison between Brow waxing and Brow shaping

Eyebrow waxing typically involves popping some wax on your stray hair and ripping them out. Waxing is a simple technique carried out quickly before you head out. Brow shaping is a fully customized technique with different experiences and designs as per the client’s preference. With varying eyebrow styles in eyebrow shaping, the aesthetician can recommend the best type of brow that will match your facial shape, coloring, and eye shaping, unlike in waxing that integrates almost the same outcome.

Brow waxing involves mapping, measuring eyebrows, and removal of extra hairs. The technician applies wax to the excess hairs using wax applicators and removes them. Serum and oils are used to remove the excess wax product and soothe the skin. After waxing is complete, trimming is done to clean up, shorten brows and texturize the eyebrows hairs into proper shape.

It is recommended to carry out brow shaping, trimming, and waxing at specialized cosmetics salons for proper consultations and achieving desired eyebrow appearance. Home care brow shaping can have adverse effects on your overall appearance if the technique is wrongly maneuvered. Appointments with an aesthetician give you a rough idea of when to schedule your next brow shaping service.

Eyebrow Shapes for All Face Types

Choosing the right, classic and flattering eyebrow shape is vital to maintain an overall natural appearance. Eyebrow shapes have been trending due to varying wacky designs being incorporated for day-to-day engagements. The best eyebrow shapes include;

  • Arched toward the tail: The eyebrow style is best for round faces. The shape features an arch just before the corner of the brow.
  • Arched in the middle: It naturally blends if your brows naturally arch more towards the center than the ends.
  • High arches: The dramatic style creates an extra defined and lifted look with an angle toward the tail.
  • Barely-there arches: The design blends naturally with subtle, natural arch to the brows

Plucking and trimming of eyebrows can be carried out at home or salons. The plucking technique creates a sparse distribution appearance of the eyebrows. Gentle arch shaping gives the face a more natural appearance. Tool kit used for eyebrow grooming includes power brush, dual-ended spoolie, surgical grad stainless-steel tweezers, and pressure scissors.


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