Questions To Ask Your Pest Control Company

You likely never thought about pest control until you saw creepy crawlers in your home. Unfortunately, by this point, you may have an infestation that will require immediate treatment. However, one of the worst things you can do is choose the first pest control company you find. You need to take some time and search for a reputable company that will solve your problem for a reasonable price. Therefore, these are questions you should ask prospective pest control companies.

Can I See Your License and Insurance?

As you interview your prospective pest control newnan ga, this may be the most important question you can ask. You don’t want to hire a company that is not fully licensed and insured. Every exterminator in the business should also be licensed. The company should carry liability and workers compensation insurance. This protects you if your property is damaged or if any of the exterminators are hurt on your property. Make copies of these documents.

Can You Tell Me About Your Business Longevity and Experience?

You should search for a company that has been in your market for several years. You are looking for longevity because this suggests that the business provides great service and that they understand the local pests that can affect your home and how to eliminate them. Avoid companies that have recently changed their names. Be sure to ask whether they stand behind their work. You should also ask about the exterminator’s training.

How Do You Choose What Treatments To Use?

Because you aren’t an expert in pest control, you may not be looking for specific answers about your pests. Instead, you may ask about the pests that have infested your home. Find out whether other homes in the area are infested with the same pests and how serious your infestation is. You can ask about the insect’s life cycle and the best ways to eliminate them in each stage of their lives. You should discuss how often or how many treatments will be necessary to eliminate these pests.

You can have a pest-free home when you choose a local company with extensive experience and proper training.

David Curry

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