Ride Maintenance Technician


Title:                            Ride Maintenance Technician

Department:               Maintenance and Construction

Minimum Age:            At least 18 years

Status:                         Full Time


Job Summary

The maintenance mechanic main responsibilities include refurbishment, repair, and erection of amusement devices and rides. They are also in charge of construction and modification of ride facilities and equipments. The maintenance mechanic conducts components and systems inspections, testing and analyzing performance variations, isolate defective systems and components, and repair equipment failures. He also repairs electrical and mechanical systems malfunctions, completes preventive theme park maintenance, conducts test rides and adjusts systems and controls.

Unique Job Requirements

  • Ability to remain focused while dealing with guests and high noise levels from power equipment and rides.
  • Operate and carry out theme park maintenance following company procedures and policies.
  • During training, the Maintenance Mechanic should be able to read and understand information on theme park maintenance and construction manual, the Lagoon Policies, Seasonal Employee Handbook, and Procedures Manual. He should also comprehend verbal instructions as instructed by the trainers.
  • The Maintenance Mechanic averts equipment, device, and ride problems by completing preventive theme park maintenance such as fluid level checks, system checks, oil changes and lubrication, and tune ups in addition to replacing worn parts and filters.

Necessary Qualifications

  • Experience in theme park maintenance
  • Current Driver’s License
  • Certifications, education, special equipment skills, licenses, registrations, software expertise, language skills, knowledge on hazardous materials, and work location requirements.

Required Abilities/Skills/Knowledge/Tasks

  • Ability to learn and understand departmental procedures and policies.
  • Ability to make effective decisions fast
  • Ability to professionally communicate with employees and guests
  • Ability to complete simple calculations when performing theme park maintenance, taking measurements, and filling out payroll time.
  • Work well independently and also productively in a team
  • Be safety conscious and follow safety practices
  • Protect the company from losing assets
  • Proper use of equipment and tools to avoid injury, loss, and damage.
  • Verify maintenance of equipment and tools, clean, secure and store them properly
  • Maintain amusement device or ride records by recording component replacements, repairs, inspections and services

Physical Requirements

  • Able to use hands to feel, handles and finger
  • Full use of arms, hands and legs to climb on rides, operate equipment, and reach equipment to perform safety checks and repairs.
  • Able to move equipment by lifting, bending, pulling and pushing.
  • Able to crawl, crouch, kneel, stoop, walk and stand.
  • Able to climb, sit, and balance at 200 feet above the ground.
  • Good visual and hearing ability to identify unusual noise or sound from rides and see variations in equipment performance, speed or operation.

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