Standards Set for Raw Pet Food

You have probably encountered the term AAFCO if you are a raw pet food enthusiast. This is ne sign you want to see on pet foods you purchase for your dogs. It refers to the Association of America Feed Control Officials, a group of voluntary federal officers and state and local agencies regulating animal feed sales and distribution. This includes pet foods as well as drugs for animals. However, the group or body does not have the power to enforce its standards. However, even at that, many states have also adopted AAFCO regulations standards for all-natural pet food manufacturers.

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What Does AAFCO Do?

AAFCO aims to offer protection to consumers of pet products and their pets. This explains why they insist on labeling ingredients and indicating nutritional value. Raw pet food manufacturers should thus ensure they adhere to the standards set by this body f they want to be recognized as industry leaders/experts.

Some requirements include feeding trials, nutritional requirements, and producing food that has met similar requirements. It is vital that manufacturers put the AAFCO label on the foods they make, whether kibble or raw dog food.

Kibble vs. Raw Food – What Works Better

Raw pet food is made of natural muscle and organ meat. Some of these raw foods include eggs, ground bones, and dairy. These are ingredients that typically complete the nutritional ingredient profile. On the other hand, kibble tends to be a mix of everything, including gluten from corn, ground fruits, vegetables, and preservatives.

While kibble is not necessarily bad, it is best for dogs to consume raw pet food because they are naturally inclined to a raw diet. What’s more, a raw diet tends to be more beneficial as it helps the dog become more muscular and lean and keeps the dog healthier and more active. Order your raw pet food today at Paws Food Express.


This body bases its approval based on natural plant-based ingredients. This means you should avoid products that promise a very long shelf life. It only means that the food is loaded with preservatives, as this is the only way to make it last longer. These additives, chemicals, and fillers are unnatural and will likely cause more damage to your dog. As a pet parent, therefore, choose the type of pet food that works for you. Don’t compromise on food quality, as your dog may suffer as a result of such compromises.

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