The importance of first aid

First aid is provided in various accidents and is intended to carry out the simplest medical measures that can save the life and health of victims, prevent possible complications and reduce the severity of the consequences of injury or illness. Nowadays, there are a lot of different educational courses for people of different ages, such as erste hilfe am kind münchen. You can find a lot of information from erste hilfe kurs günstig and even erste hilfe kurs münchen kostenlos.

Depending on the circumstances and the specific situation, first aid may be provided by doctors, paramedical personnel, and, by way of mutual assistance, by people with appropriate medical training. You can also learn important information about first aid in Erste-Hilfe Kurs München.

First aid is usually administered at the scene of an accident and may include the following measures:

  • stopping bleeding;
  • application of special dressings for wounds and burns;
  • immobilization (applying splints or improvised means) for fractures, dislocations, and contusions;
  • artificial respiration and indirect heart massage;
  • prevention of radiation injuries through the use of medical supplies from the individual first aid kit (AI-2);
  • help in case of poisoning, poisonous snake, and insect bites.

Main rules

There are a number of general rules of first aid:

  • move the victim only if his life is in danger;
  • before administering first aid, ensure that the victim’s airway is open and that he/she is breathing and has a pulse;
  • call an ambulance to provide qualified medical assistance;
  • before the arrival of the ambulance do not stop first aid to the victim if he/she is in a critical condition;
  • if the victim is conscious, you must ask his/her permission to give him/her first aid.

When starting first aid, you must first determine the sequence of the individual first aid techniques. Firstly, it is necessary to perform those techniques, on the performance of which depends on the preservation of the victim’s life, or those without which it is impossible to perform subsequent techniques of first aid. For example, with an open fracture of the hip and the presence of arterial bleeding, you must first stop the life-threatening bleeding, then a sterile dressing should be applied to the wound. Only then should a special splint or improvised means be applied to the leg to ensure immobility of the limb at the site of the fracture.

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