Tips for Excellent Lawn Care

Maintaining a beautiful lawn is a labor of love, and it is well worth the effort. Not only is a well-tended lawn attractive, but it also adds value to your home. Here are some tips for lawn maintenance Ellington CT.


If someone mows your lawn improperly, they will damage your grass. Make sure that you wait until your grass is completely dry before you have it cut. Wet grass will be shorter and the height variations will make it impossible to get an even mow. If you see any rugged tears in your lawn after it’s been serviced, you can assume that the lawnmower had dull blades. Insist that the servicer sharpens their blades before mowing. Lastly, check the lines in your lawn to make sure the mowing pattern is varied. Changing mowing directions during the cut will prevent the grass from leaning, so the final look will be cleaner.

Controlling Weeds

Weeds are the bane of a lawn owner’s existence and they can come in droves if you don’t address them. Consistent aeration and appropriate amounts of fertilization are effective methods for keeping weeds at bay. Develop a plan with your lawn care expert to prevent weeds from suffocating your grass.


If you notice that your grounds are staying brown longer into the spring than you’d like, arrange for seeding in April. Regardless of how much grass you see, seeding is a great idea to ensure your grass stays vibrant and lush. Your lawn maintenance professional should be able to help you choose the proper seed for your desires. Different seeds will produce vastly different varieties of grass, so think about the purpose of your lawn before settling on a seed. Sturdy grass is best for recreational purposes, but something more fragile and luxuriant will be ideal for curb appeal.

Keeping your lawn in top shape is possible as long as develop a consistent maintenance routine. If you show your grass some extra TLC, you’ll be the envy of your neighborhood. For more information on lawn care check out Lilydale Instant lawn


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