Tips For Having A Personal Art Website

The key to success as an artist in this world is to set for yourself an artist’s website. This will be like a studio visit where you can sell the best paintings you have. Besides, it is a great place to show the audience all of your artwork and allow them to learn about you.

The advantage of having a website over a studio is because you will be open to anyone and at any place worldwide.

Before you can wrap up to design a website, it should have the basics. That means it will need sole core elements not to turn your potential buyers away. Looking at some of the best stores such as addicted paint by numbers can give you a guide of what you should do. But you should also not shove your information on one page.

Here are things to include:

  • Your Name

You need to have a name that you will include in your website’s URL. That is because your name will be your brand as seen at paint by numbers and that allows people to find you.

  • High-Quality Images

When you feel that you’re are proud of your art and want to sell it online, then show it. Avoid posting small, dark, blurry, or low-res images on your website. As you can’t show people visiting your studio such images, they have to be of good quality like those of paint by numbers for adults.

  • Artwork Details

It doesn’t mean about the close-up shots of the artwork. It refers to titles, dimensions, titles, prices, and even year of the piece. Such information will help the visitor get a sense he needs to decide to purchase the artwork.

  • Availability

When posting an art, you not only have to post images of the available artwork. You also have to make it clear on available pieces and those not.

  • Artist Bibliography

It is essential information and especially when you want to use your website to act as your portfolio. That is what most artists are also doing.

  • Artist Statement

The statement you make as an artist will speak for you the moment you are absent to carry the conversation. When writing such a statement, it has to be in the first person because it is different from your bibliography.

  • Contact Information

There is no need for you to sell anything when no one can reach you. Always ensure that you’re making your contact information easy to access on your website.

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