Which Kayak Should You Choose?

Whether you kayak for exercise, fun, sport or all of the above, choosing the right vessel is an important task to ensure you get the most out of your kayaking experience. There are many options to choose from, but the selection process does not have to be overwhelming. Let’s take a look at some different types of kayaks to help you narrow down which of the best kayaks for sale San Diego you want to purchase.


Characterized by comfort and stability, recreational kayaks are intended for leisure. Some are propelled solely by an oar, while others are driven by pedaling (similar to bike pedals). These watercraft are perfect for exercise or leisurely sightseeing trips through your favorite body of water. If recreation is your goal, this type of kayak is for you!


Wanting to access your favorite honey hole without breaking out the motorboat? Fishing kayaks are functionally designed for holding all of your fishing gear. Unlike recreational kayaks, these fishing vessels feature rod holders, mounts and compartments that make housing your fishing supplies (and your big catch) a cinch. Additionally, extra width and a standing deck provide a safer, more stable way to reel in your catch. If fishing is your intent, you should consider purchasing a kayak created to support your fishing success.


Want to minimize your rowing or pedaling effort? Sailing kayaks include a mainsail as an additional means of propulsion and look much different in their design. In addition to the body, these vessels are fitted with two outriggers for stability. Sailing kayaks are a great way to engage in the sport without the excessive maintenance associated with owning a sailboat. If adventure is calling, a sailing kayak could be the answer.

However you like to enjoy time on the water, there is most likely a kayak that suits your activities. Before you buy, examine these vessel types to determine which will suit you best.

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