Divorce and child custody

A divorce can be a painful experience and you should hire a law firm that will understand that you are going through something difficult. The right Houston child custody attorney will help you to understand your rights and complete the process with the least amount of complications and trouble than you are already going through. The reasons for divorce vary from person to person and each scenario requires a different approach. By hiring a competent attorney you will be able to approach the process in a way that the decision of the court comes out in your favor. It will also help you move forward without being financially hammered.

Child custody laws 

It is a lot simpler when two adults divorce without any children. They simply have to figure out how to separate their debts and assets. However, when children are involved, the parents will have to collaborate on decisions about the child, exchange visitations, and other terms for raising the child. In Texas, the child’s needs are given the utmost importance in a divorce. Child custody determines which parent the child gets to live with. The child will get visitations from the other parent.

Importance of a good lawyer for getting child custody 

Who will have custody of the child is something you will have to address during the divorce proceedings. Sometimes the spouses will be able to determine by themselves on who gets the custody. It is usually based on who took the primary parenting role during the marriage and who is more competent to take responsibility. Traditionally this would be the mother but now things have changed a lot. Gender is not the determining factor in child custody cases. This where having the right attorney will be beneficial for you. They can portray the particular family situation to determine which parent will have primary custody.

Temporary custody and why it is important

As the name suggests it is a short term arrangement that allows the child to be taken care of until the final hearing. As with any other custody type, this allows the custodial parent to make decisions about everything that involves the child. Usually, a relative like grandparent or one of the parents seeks temporary custody. It gets granted once both parents have been informed. The ruling on temporary custody by the judge is important because it reflects on the final decisions involving the support, visitation, and custody of the child.

Standard custodial rules

If both parents are going to be involved in raising the child, the court allows for a visitation schedule. Your Houston child custody attorney will try to get a ruling that is in your favor. The visitation rules and custodial rules will vary slightly depending on how far the parents decide to live from each other. You must keep in mind that although the custody can be a point of contention between you and your spouse, the court will allow rule with the child’s best interest in mind.

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