Glo with Yoga and Meditation Online That is Created to Flow with Your Busy Lifestyle

Glo is a special online space to find your community, expert teachers, and support. Whether you want to engage in classes on the go with our app to download videos to any device or view them offline, Glo fits your schedule, lifestyle, and experience level. Enjoy a free trial to discover how to enhance your meditation online and receive unlimited access to yoga, meditation, and Pilates classes that meet you where you are in your level of experience. See why Forbes says, “Glo has an expansive collection of classes that range from five minutes to ninety minutes…(and) works with some of the most respected yoga instructors in the country so you can take classes from the best of the best.”

Whether you want to improve your flexibility, get in touch with your body, or unwind at the end of the day this expert team of engaged teachers is here to help you to meet your goals, find peace, and connect with a very special individual—you.

Mediation Online to Be Present in the Moment

Discover meditation online techniques to focus your awareness, train your mind, and engage your body. Meditation incorporates breath awareness, mantra recitation, mindfulness, guided visualization, and it’s deeply impactful in yoga practice and life. Classes such as Inner Sanctuary, The Miracle of the Present Moment, Hallways and Doors, Balance Your Heart and Mind, Cultivating Self-Love, help you connect with your serenity and balance. And because it’s always the right time for a meditation practice, there’s the Before School class for little yogis!

Yoga Online Practice to Find Your Balance  

Glo supports you in building a practice with over 300 classes and 15 programs. Whether you’re building a movement practice for the very first time or you’re quite active but new to the world of yoga or wish to deepen your practice, here’s the knowledge and support to acquire the basic techniques and poses, imparted in a style that’s inspiring and accessible. Offerings include topics like Everyday Tune-Up, Slow and Simple, Relaxed Shoulders Open Chest, Yin Practices to Prep for Sleep, and Reset Your Seat.

Whether you’re interested in Hatha, Vinyasa, or Yin and Restorative, discover 3,000 yoga videos across twelve different styles, taught by the world’s most inspiring yoga teachers. Get in your Glo flow with classes such as Where You Stand, Slow and Stretchy, Enter the Flow State, Anytime Twisting Flow, Nervous System Reboot, and Natural Caffeine Flow.

Glo as your practice grows. Engage in classes that tone and strengthen from cardio fusion to yoga with weights to circuit training. Learn the basics of working with resistance or take on a high-intensity interval challenge.

It’s yoga online created for real people—perfect for the busy parent, a mid-day at the office centering session, or relaxing before bed. Master the basics in an accessible class for those just beginning their yoga journey or work up a sweat with an advanced vinyasa flow. From prenatal strength training to restoring equanimity while traveling, Glo offers unique online yoga classes that are distinctly special.

Pilates Online Strengthens Your Core, Spirit, and Glo

Glo’s online Pilates program is designed to strengthen and bring flexibility to body, mind, and spirit. Explore the total-body-toning advantages of this powerful discipline, whether you practice without props or take the reformer experience on the mat by combining the Pilates magic circle, ball, or band. Strengthen your Pilates practice with classes like Core Basics for the Active Beginner, Interval Training, Head to Toe Mobility, Slouch Antidote, and Classical Pilates Challenge.

At Glo, our vision and our mission are to help bring about a world in which we all live our true potential. We invite you to find out more by exploring our online yoga and meditation app features. .

Clare Louise

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