Guide To Visit Sitges: Beaches & Surrounds

Located only 30 minutes away on the west of Barcelona, Sitges is a beautiful place to visit in Spain. It is a relaxing, charming resort town with history rooting back to the middle ages.

This small fishing town is famous for its beaches. With their 17 beautiful beaches, it makes the perfect seaside escape. The town is also known for the exploration of wine. The presence of poets, artists, and liberals has influenced the town over the years. It has developed a Bohemian charm that draws travellers and day-trippers from various corners of the world.

If you are looking for a seaside destination to spend your holidays, Sitges could be the ideal destination for you. Go through the guide below to know more about this stunning place.

Top Reasons to Visit Sitges

Sitges is one of the best beach towns in Spain. From lively family beaches to relaxed and quiet beaches, Sitges has 17 beautiful beaches for you to explore. You will also find dog and gay-friendly beaches out there. Besides that, other destinations make your vacation in Sitges worth it.

  • East Sitges beaches

The beaches named below take around 10-15 minutes by car from the centre of Sitges towards Barcelona. Some of these beaches may have a difficult route. But if you love to be adventurous, you will not regret it.

  • Les Botigues Beach (family-friendly)
  • Garraf Beach (family-friendly)
  • CalaGinesta Beach
  • CalaMorisca (nudist beach)
  • Riera de Vallcarca Beach (pet friendly)


  • Sitges beaches near the centre

These beach beauties are very close to the Sitges town centre. They are easy to access and make the perfect spot for family and friends.

  • Playa d’Aiguadolç (family friendly)
  • Fragata Beach (best for sports facilities)
  • Playa de la Ribera
  • Balmins Beach (optional nudism accepted)
  • San Sebastiàn Beach (family-friendly)
  • Playa de la BassaRodona (gay friendly)
  • L’Estanyol beach (family-friendly)


  • West Sitges Beaches

This set of beaches is located on the west of the town and takes less than 5 minutes by car. You can easily visit these beaches from any corner of the town.

  • Barra Beach (family-friendly)
  • Terramar Beach
  • Les Anquines Beach (family-friendly)
  • RieraXica Beach (family-friendly)

There are few beaches on the west that can take you up to 20 minutes or more by car. But if you have time, you should visit them. This includes:

  • Les Coves Beach / Cap dels Grills
  • Playa de l’Home Mort (nudist and gay friendly)
  • Playa Desenrocada (nudist beach)


  • The Heart of Sitges

For a lively and unforgettable experience, you should explore the city center. The numerous whitewashed buildings, decorative sidewalk cafes, and cobblestone streets make everything feel like a fairy tale.

The city center is also brimming with numerous taverns, bars, gelato shops, restaurants, and boutiques. Spain is rightly known as the world-class destination for foodies. There’s no way your senses will be disappointed while being here.

Hiking in the ParcdelGarraf

ParcdelGarraf is yet another stunning place to visit. It is a nature’s show that is waiting to be discovered by you. Being there is itself a wonderful experience. This is a kind of natural beauty that you cannot miss.

The unique terrain features a wild Mediterranean landscape with spectacular striking trails and vantage points. The park’s looping hiking trails allow you to go out on an adventurous trip and explore the rugged landscape. If you are craving a peaceful escape, ParcdelGarraf is the place for you.

  • Explore Penedes Wine Region

Located only an hour away from Barcelona, the Mediterranean wine region of Penedes is worth exploring, especially if you are a true wine lover.

Penedes is famous worldwide for the Cava made here. It is also home to dry whites and reds and some neat dessert wines. The historic wine estates that you heard or read about is also located here on “Masias”. 

Where to stay?

You are probably planning to book a hotel for your stay in Sitges. There are plenty of hotels and apartments scattered around the town. But for a truly luxurious experience, you should stay in a villa.

You can find an exclusive collection of villas at Each Utopia villas are unique and have all the amenities to make your holidays relaxing and more enjoyable.

Why is a villa in Spain better than a hotel? 

You must be wondering why book a villa when you have so many luxurious hotels to stay. We have some of the legit reasons why villas make a better choice than hotels.

  • Affordable stay

At an initial glance, a villa may look pricey. But if you calculate the cost of stay per person per night, you will realise the amount of money you are saving on by booking a villa. At Utopia, you can book a seafront villa with a private garden and swimming pool for just 55 euros per person per night.

  • Extra service just for you

When you book a villa from Utopia, you will have an entire team of guest service people to fulfil your demands. From the spa to pedicures, you can book everything you want to make your holidays more relaxing.

  • It’s all yours

When you rent a villa, everything that comes along with the property is yours for the week. This may include private gardens, pools, Jacuzzis, saunas, etc. These areas are all for your private use during your stay.

If you are planning for your next holiday escape, you already know where to fly to. Book your tickets to Sitges and spend a lovely holiday in a luxurious villa.

Alison Lurie

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