How an Orthodontist Can Help You Smile More

Facing The World With a Smile

Most people have always wanted to look their best when they are seen in public. These days, with social media being at the forefront of our lives, it is almost mandatory to present a great appearance. However, some individuals might not feel confident in how they look because their teeth are marred. It might be in the form of crowding, spaces or overbites… This could cause them angst as they attempt to interact with others. Fortunately, for those living in the state of Maryland, they can visit an orthodontist Annapolis folks go to for help when they want to improve their smile.

Orthodontist Treatments

An orthodontist is a skilled medical practitioner specializing in averting and adjusting abnormalities of the teeth in children as well as adults by using a variety of devices. This could include…

*Braces: Most people are familiar with this type of hardware for the mouth. Braces are usually composed of brackets and wires, and sometimes bands. All these components are applied to bring splayed teeth into alignment. Ceramic and gold-colored braces are available for those who do not want the more basic kind in their mouths.

*Invisalign: Clear aligners are popular because they are less noticeable than braces. They are also removable, which lets folks eat and drink without any interference. These types of applications are considered much more comfortable to patients because they gently pull the teeth in place. In addition, brushing and flossing is a breeze.

*Orthodontist Headgear: For more difficult cases, an orthodontist might suggest using headgear. This can happen when individuals suffer from malocclusions—often called overbites, where the front teeth extend over the bottom ones. The device is used for the condition referred to as prognathism as well, in which the lower jaw protrudes.

The apparatus is connected to the person’s head by straps, elastic bands and hooks that delivers pressure to the upper jaw of the affected person, depending on their situation. The intention is to slow the growth process of the upper jaw or pull it forward, so it lines up with the lower jaw.

*Surgery: In the most severe scenario where the teeth are having trouble meshing, the orthodontist might recommend surgery, especially if the person’s digestive health is in question because they are not able to chew their food properly. The orthodontist will consult with a maxillofacial surgeon and play a major role in the procedure before, during and after the surgery takes place.

Reach Out

For individuals living in Maryland who are self-conscious about how they look because their teeth or not up to par, it would be a good idea to contact an orthodontist, Annapolis people and the surrounding areas frequent for all their oral health needs.

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