How to Store Cigar Right Way – The Proper Ways to Keep the Cigar Fresh

If you have a handful of cigars from a cigar smoking shop honolulu hi, then it is important to store them at the correct room temperature. Storing a cigar properly is a crucial task as they can get spongy. If you live in extreme cold or heat condition, the cigar can easily dry out. Using a humidor is the proper way to store a cigar. For fresh cigars with less maintenance, the humidor is the ideal choice. However, if you have never had a cigar collection, you may not know how to store cigars. Now let us see some of the proper ways to store the cigar.

Tips to properly store the cigar 

Know the right temperature 

  • If you want to know how to store cigars, then it is important to know about the cigar storing temperature.
  • Humidity and temperature play a main role to keep the cigar fresh. You need at least 70% humidity to keep the cigar fresh.
  • Humidity more or less than this can dry out or make the cigar spongy. If the cigar is too soft, then they will have several issues.
  • The cigar should be in the right condition to store it properly. Always know about the ideal temperature to store the cigar in your place.

The best cigar storing options 

The importance of humidor Humidors is a specially designed tool for storing the cigars. They regulate the right temperature and humidity to store them. They not only regulate the temperature but also preserve the taste of the cigar. There are tons of humidor types and designs. However, the cedar humidors are very popular to store the cigar freshly. Some of the high-end humidors come with the humidity level feature. Form preserving its taste, longevity and freshness the humidors are one of the great ways to store your cigar.

  1. The need for a plastic wrapper 

If you want to store the cigar for a longer period, then do not remove the plastic wrapper. The plastic wrapper is one of the easiest ways to keep them fresh. If you are travelling with cigars, then do not take off the cellophane and plastic wrapper.

  1. The use of humidification pouch 

A Ziploc style humidification pouch is great to store the cigars. These pouches are handy and produce the right amount of moisture. These pouches do not require any maintenance. This is one of the effortless ways to store your cigar. To store the cigar at room temperatures do not open the pouch very often. This will affect the humidity level inside the pouch. You can get different types and sizes of these pouches to store the cigars.

  1. The Tupperware storing method 

The Tupperware method is beneficial to keep the cigar fresh and good. For this, you need a Tupperware container and a sponge. Slightly wet the sponge and keep it in the Tupperware container. This way the container regulates proper humidity level and you can store the cigar for a longer time. This is one of the best practical methods to store your cigar.

  1. The cigar storing cooler door 

If you are a cigar collector, then you can use the cooler door. This tool can produce the same level of humidity, such as the humidor. This humidification tool can store up to 30 to 40 cigars. If you already have many collections of humidors, then try out the cooler door units to store the cigar.


There are many more effective methods to store your cigar properly. The cigar oasis and wooden box method are other ideal storage options. However, the above ones are the handpicked ways to keep them fresh.

David Curry

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