Make the Best of The Time Indoors with the Khelplay Rummy App

The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the way the world performs. Many countries have been locked down due to the scare caused by this pandemic. Staying indoors has become the norm. Since most of us today are accustomed to an outgoing lifestyle, this could come as quite a blow. People end up being confused how to spend their time indoors. If you are a rummy player and have this same question lurking in your mind, we have an apt reply for you. Go ahead and download the Khelplay Rummy app and make the best of the lockdown time. If you are still not aware of this app or what it has to offer, we are here to help you. Read along to understand how to make the best of lockdown time with the Khelplay Rummy app.

Practice Your Favourite Card Game on Your Smartphone

A rummy fan just needs an excuse to enjoy his favourite card game. Khelplay Rummy is sure to provide you with this excuse. It is a very convenient app designed for rummy players around the world. The app is designed to be compatible with Adroid software as well as iOS devices. This ensures that any smartphone owner can easily enjoy rummy online on his phone. The app uses the terminology used in real rummy playing. This makes it very easy to understand and comprehend. Apart from this, the website has shared FAQs to clear any queries the players may have. There are many rummy tutorial videos too that make it easy for a new player to understand online gaming on Khelplay Rummy.

Learn Different Variations of Rummy Card Games

A good fan of rummy card games will never get fed up of rummy. He will be eager to grasp more ways to play their favourite game. That is why Khelplay Rummy could just be your special app. It allows you to enjoy the many different variations of card games. You can take time to try out each variation of rummy and see exactly where you stand.

Some of the variations of IndianRummy Card Game you can check out on Khelplay Rummy are as follows:

Single Round Rummy Card Game: In this variation, as the name rightly suggests, the winner is decided at the end of a single round of rummy games. Points Rummy is the best example of Single Round Rummy Game. Single round rummy can be played with 10 cards, 13 cards, 21 cards or 27 cards as per your choice.

Series Card Games: These are card games in which a series of rounds are played. At the end of the series, the winner of rummy games is decided. There are two main variations of series rummy card games available on Khelplay Rummy, namely: Deals Rummy and Pool Rummy. The app allows you to choose between 2 deals rummy, 3 deals rummy and 6 deals rummy variations in deals rummy games. It also offers you a choice between 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy in Pool Rummy Card Game.

Understand Underlying Strategies That Winners Use in Rummy

Playing a rummy card game is one thing and winning it is quite another thing. You need to understand the underlying strategies of the game to win rummy card games. This is the reason why Khelplay Rummy can actually be your perfect platform. It allows you to choose between practice chips and real chips to play rummy online. You can choose practice chips to practice your favourite card game online. When you play many rounds of rummy games, you start understanding the different tactics that winner use. You also understand the strategies underlying the game. This help you be better at the game. Once you are sure you have mastered the game, you can explore cash playing too here.

Make Money Online by Participating in Rummy Tourneys on Khelplay Rummy

So, now that you have acquired the necessary rummy gaming skills, go ahead and put it to test. You just need to choose the real chips option on Khelplay Rummy for cash playing. Follow the instructions to make payment and then participate in exciting rummy tournaments online. If you have actually acquired all the rummy gaming skills you think you have acquired, you can also make some quick bucks out of it. Good rummy players make money each day on Khelplay Rummy with the cash gaming options.

Invite Friends to Join You in Rummy Fun

Now, are you enjoying this platform for rummy gaming? Then why wait, invite your friends in rummy circles to this platform too. The fun of playing rummy online doubles when you have someone to share the fun with. Invite your friends and there are some perks too. You get some bonus points that you can use to play rummy online. Your friends also get some free chips as an introductory offer. You can now enjoy rummy with your own rummy circles.

De-stress With Short Rummy Breaks on Khelplay Rummy

One of the greatest impacts of COVID-19 and the impending lockdown is stress. People are not accustomed to living indoors with their doors shut. They are accustomed to meeting people and interacting. Human beings are social animals. When forced to stay indoors, it can affect their mental health as well as overall health.

It is important that people have enough distractions during the lockdown to keep their mind busy. This is where Khelplay Rummy comes in as a saviour. All rummy players have the best way to pass time with the Khelplay Rummy app. If you have not yet downloaded the Khelplay Rummy app, do it today. This will allow you to enjoy Indian Rummy on your mobile phone.

It is true that lockdown is not an easy time. However, a little change in your attitude and Khelplay Rummy to keep you entertained can work wonders. The app will also allow you to take stress-free breaks between hectic work schedules. Download the app, de-stress and ensure maximum productivity at workplace.



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