Qualities of the Wine Cellar you must know

The wine cellar is nothing but a wine storage area where wine is stored. The wine can either be stored in the bottles or barrels. Although, the wine cellar doesn’t need to be usually made under the ground. Of course, wine needs cellaring and the manufacturer must keep the wine in such an environment that is friendly. Storage plays an important role because wine can be stored for years also.

Complex and lesser age wine is considered as the best wine. Wine can develop complexity and age slowly only if the humidity and temperature are regulated. Several wine manufacturers keep the wine at the ground levels. One can keep it if the bottles are less in number and it will not be called a wine cellar (Wine cellar- Which is the term in Thai), but it will be called a wine room.

Every dealer needs to have the wine cellar to avoid several affecting factors. Several factors have the ability to compromise the wine quality. These factors usually include humidity, high temperature, light, etc. If you can own a wine cellar, you can rent storage (เช่าที่เก็บของ, Which is the term in Thai) for it.


Of course, every wine cellar is supposed to have the protecting features.  Of course, we do not live in an environment with a stable temperature. The temperature keeps on fluctuating and the wine has to be protected from the fluctuating temperature. The wine also has to be protected from the vibrations, light, and heat. But if the wine will be stored properly, the wine will achieve the wonderful aroma, flavor, complexity, and freshness also. A wine cellar will also maintain the vibrancy of the wine barrels for a longer duration.


Temperature plays an important role in the generation of good quality wine. Ideally, wine should be preserved at the temperature ranging between 12°C-18°C. If you will maintain this temperature and no vibrancy, you can have the best wine just like French people. If the temperature will vary with vibrancy, you will get the wine but the taste will be similar to vinegar, not like wine.

The selection of the wine cellar also depends upon the cooling system of the cellar. If the cooling system is active, you can choose it. But the areas which are already cool, you can choose a passive cooling system also.

Paul Petersen

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