The Right Way to Practice Philanthropy

Philanthropy can be defined as a desire to promote the welfare of others, usually expressed by giving a generous sum of money for good cause. If we dissect the word “Philanthropy” it is made up of two words: Philia meaning love, and Anthropo meaning humans as in anthropology which means study to humankind our evolution.

Philanthropy is all about giving back to society. This act of kindness not only helps restore faith in humanity but also reminds and makes us aware of what is our responsibility towards society and how we should engage in the progress of our community. As there is a wide variety of people in our community so are the needs of them, which longs for help. When catering to their needs it not only helps us but also creates a feeling of inner peace and tranquillity to us. With little generosity, coupled with few acts of kindness with little compassion can help create a beautiful world for everyone.

In the endeavor of our love for our kin we should indulge ourselves in making charity and donating large or small sums of money to several good causes. If we are to look for people involved in philanthropy, we can find endless names and personalities who have taken unprecedented steps. For example, Warren Buffett who is an American investor, business tycoon, and philanthropist, is the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. He is considered one of the most successful investors in the world and has a net worth of US$71.8 billion. Warren Buffett pledged in 2006 to give $37 billion in stock to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to be used for health and education purposes.

Philanthropic activities by people like Ronnie Screwvala (founder of media firm UTV) whose initiatives are housed under the Swades Foundation (UTV group), promotes rural empowerment through the use of best practices and modern technology values. His mission is to empower 1 million rural Indians every 5 years, creating a permanent, irreversible change for good, to develop a progressive rural community.

How to practice Philanthropy?

We all cannot go to such great lengths and take such initiatives, but at our level, we can express our love and concern for mankind by doing other deeds which will make an impact. It is imperative to consider the points given here to get started with making a difference.

  • We can start to consider social problems that we care about and where we want to make a difference. For example, if we are willing to help younger generations we can start supporting them in attaining their education. Finding and investing our time and resources in something we care about will also keep us motivated and make us feel content.
  • Research an issue in an area that is not well addressed and needs attention. There may be many organizations working for the same cause but due to budget constraints, they may not be able to provide as much funding as others.
  • Narrowing down a cause we want to support.
  • Research is essential before committing with any For example, we can get involved with universities or non-profit organizations that work towards providing scholarships to the deserving.

All in all, it’s meaningful whatever cause we choose to get involved with.  During the health pandemic, people like Thomas Kane, a Chicago based executive, has been donating to groups and providing meals to front line workers at hospitals, as well as participating in a “spread the love” effort giving temporary financial assistance to others in the service sector.  Tom Kane, like so many others, are spending their time and resources in a way that makes a real and meaningful impact in the lives of others.


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