Greater Writing Choices for psychology case study

The discipline “Methodology of writing a dissertation research and scientific texts” refers to the cycle of compulsory disciplines of the variable part is studied in the first half of the first year of study. The discipline forms the base of basic knowledge, skills, competencies, ensuring the ability and readiness of graduate students to independently carry out research activities and write scientific texts. The main provisions of the discipline should be used in the future when writing a dissertation research, scientific articles, and preparing a scientific report. In case of the psychology case study this is important.

The Goal of Mastering the Discipline

To form professional research competencies that ensures the ability and readiness of graduate students to independently carry out research activities and write scientific texts

Deepening students’ knowledge and skills in the following areas of activity within the framework of preparing a project for a Ph.D. thesis, and then writing and presenting it: substantiation of the relevance of the chosen topic; preparation of a literature review on the research topic; formulation of goals and objectives, object and subject of research; selection and justification of research methodology; presentation of the results obtained in publications, reports, dissertations; registration of work. Deepening students’ skills in scientific discussion and presentation of research results, in particular in the process of discussing projects and sections of their own research

Planned Learning Outcomes

Know the main major classical and modern theoretical works, the main debates and trends on the topic of the dissertation; be able to prepare a review and review on the historiography of your topic.

Possess the styles of academic writing, techniques used when working in genres such as abstract, article review, book review, historiographical review, report, presentation, review of another author’s manuscript; in the first year of graduate school to be able to prepare two publications on a literature review or other materials related to the topic of the dissertation, as well as a mock-up of the dissertation in the form of ordered and systematized materials.

Understand the Basics

Know the basic general scientific methods of scientific research and methods of their application in economic practice; topical problems and directions of modern research in the field of economics and management; ways of choosing and justifying the methodology of scientific research.

Know the conceptual and categorical apparatus of the theory and methodology of scientific research; rules for setting a research problem; rules for formulating and testing scientific hypotheses.

Establish the Objective of Your Research

To be able to set the goal and objectives of the research, choose the best way and methods to achieve the set goal; diagnose the main research problem; to form a problematic field of research; work with scientific literature, prepare an analytical review of articles on the topic of research.

Be able to formulate scientific hypotheses and develop research programs; collect and process empirical information on the research topic; carry out a critical and constructive analysis of scientific texts and research results of colleagues; argue their own conclusions, substantiate their point of view and defend the results of the research.


Have the skills to conduct independent scientific research; obtaining reliable scientific results in the course of research; use of modern methods in the course of scientific research; work in a research group; work with scientific databases; search, processing and analysis of empirical information; conducting scientific discussion; writing scientific articles and reports on the results of the study.


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