How to Detect a Gas Leak at Home

When someone owns a home, there are a number of different dangers they should be aware of. One of them is a possible gas leak. If there is gas leaking throughout the house, this gas might be flammable.

As a result, there is a chance that something innocuous may ignite the gas, triggering an explosion and sending a fire raging throughout the home. For this reason, it is important for everyone to know how to detect a gas leak in their house.

Detecting a Leak Using Gas Detectors

One of the first ways that people can detect a leak in their home is by using a gas detector. Similar to a smoke detector, there are devices that are made to detect a gas leak as well. Sometimes, people can install these on the walls of the house to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

In other situations, some people might prefer to use a portable detector. These are devices that fit in the palm of the hand. People can walk around their house and see if anything triggers the alarm.

Finally, there are also radon detectors. Often, a radon test is performed when a house is bought or sold. People can also install these in their house.

Detecting a Leak Using Natural Senses

Of course, there are also ways that people can detect a gas leak using their own senses. First, many of these leaks smell like rotten eggs or sulfur. Watch for these smells. In other cases, people might hear a whistling noise throughout their home.

Check the burners of the stove or the oven for signs of a leak. Sometimes, people might even notice that their gas bill is rising. This is another sign of a leak somewhere in the home.

Paul Petersen

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