Learn to Stand Up on A Paddle Board: Beginners Guide

Paddle boarding is a great way to get onto the water and explore the outdoors. It is an awesome way to get your body in shape with minimal equipment. 

Below are ways you can learn to stand on the paddle board.

  1. Mounting the Board

Wade into the shallow water and stand next to the board

Be knee-deep into the water when you want to mount the board. Stand on whichever side of the stand up paddle board you feel comfortable with. Ensure the board is placed with the fin down into the water. 

Place the Paddle Horizontally Across the Board

Ensure the paddle’s grip is aligned to the side of the board closest to you, with the paddle touching the water on the other side. 

Hold the Board on Its Sides

Let the hand closest to the board grip both the board and the paddle to maintain balance as you mount the board. 

Lift One Knee Out of The Water, Pull the Board Towards You

This will enable you to place the feet on the spot just about the midpoint of the board. If the board has a handle, place the knee where the handle is integrated. 

Move the Body Above the Paddle Board

Shift your weight so the body is directly above the paddle board, lift the other knee, and place it on the traction pad. You should feel stable in this kneeling position, with both knees on the board. 

Take A Few Strokes

While still in the kneeling position, take a few strokes to feel the water’s board position. You are too far back on the paddle board if the board’s nose comes out of the water. If the tail comes out of the water, you are too far forward. Adjust your position so the board can be flat on the water. 

  1. Standing Up

Assume a kneeling position and lean forward

After doing this, place the paddle board across the deck board. Hold the sides of the board with both hands. 

Slowly Stand

Stand slowly one foot at a time, and place the feet on the spot where knees were. Keep gripping the board to make it stable. 

Rise to A Standing Position

After standing, adjust the feet to hip-width apart, and you feel stable. Slightly bend the knees and center the core on the board. 


Standing on the stand up paddle board is essential. Use this guide to learn how to stand on the board correctly.

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David Curry

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