Top 4 Qualities To Look For When Purchasing A SUP Board

When buying a stand up paddle board, there are several factors that must be considered. Your skill level, the riding location, paddler preferences, and the type of riding all come into play. When you know what to look for, you will surely enjoy the best stand up paddling experience. Here are the qualities to look for when procuring a new SUP. 

Quality construction

The bets stand up paddle board for sale should be strong and made from premium quality materials. You want a board that will last and serve you for many years. Although your paddleboard may get scratched or depressed here are there owing to everyday wear and tear, it should be durable and strong. Go for stand up paddleboards that have reinforced deck using bamboo, PVC or carbon, particularly on the main stand areas. Make sure that your fin boxes are laminated into PVC reinforcement to help maintain the fins structural strength. 

High Caliber Materials

All stand up paddle boards always look great and appealing when they come out of the box. However, keep in mind that inferior boards always look great but the poor quality materials become noticeable after use. A paddle board that is made of poor quality materials is easily discolored by the sun, has thin uncomfortable deck pads that lift and peel and utilizes bamboo paper instead of real bamboo. 


At first, your stand up paddle board for sale may not seem heavy, especially when buying for the first time. However, if your SUP is 10’ feet and weighs 40 lbs then it is too heavy. Heavier SUP boards tend to be lowly priced in the market. This is because they are more challenging to carry and lift onto the roof rack and they also need lots of energy and effort to push through the waters. The best paddle board should weigh about 22 to 25 lbs for the 10’ long boards. 

A Suitable Shape

There is a major difference between boards that are built for cruising on flat water and performance board meant for surfing. Your SUP board should be progressive and meet your individual needs. For example, for flat water cruising, your paddleboard should have adequate width to help maintain stability, a comfortable deck grip, and a deep concave for increased glide. 

With the growing popularity of stand up paddle boarding many SUP brands have appeared in the market today. This means that they are a lot of options that you can choose from and for a range of prices. If you are buying paddle boards, it is good to know the qualities of a superior paddle board. This knowledge will help you make the right purchase and enjoy your paddle board for years.

Paul watson

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