With Autumn Approaching, Why Bubble Soccer Is Now Safer To Play

To be honest, playing outdoor games like bubble soccer is one of the best experiences ever. Wearing giant bubble and running around a field while bumping into each other, it’s full of fun and laughter. Bubble soccer requires lots of energy as run with bubble soccer suit, which will make you sweat like never before. So, it’s quite challenging to play bubble soccer during the summer for those who are not used to it.

Australian summer is already well known for extreme temperature, but this time the summer was even hotter due tomassive bushfire. Along with the rise in temperature, the air quality was also affected.

According to BBC, “Sydney – Australia’s largest city – have endured smoke for weeks. The city’s air quality has exceeded “hazardous” levels on several occasions.” Now that the authorities have claimed the bushfire to be “contained,” it is a huge relief for Australians who love staying outdoors.

When it’s summer, the sun is blazing, the heat waves hit you, and the outdoors are illuminated to an unbearable brightness; it is near to impossible to get outside and play your favorite game.

Now the hot months are nearly gone, and the cooler ones are coming, yes,Autumn is on the way. It is a great time to get yourself into sports. And if you don’t know why Autumn is the best season to play sports like bubble soccer, find out here.

Perfect temperature

Autumn is the favorite season for most of the people, me being one of them. This weather possibly could not be more perfect, It’s the ideal mix of sun and clouds, and a slight chill was combined to create the best weather ever.

It’s not too hotnor too cold, all you need is a light jacket and some friends, and you’re totally set to spend all day outdoors with the perfect fun sports.

You don’t have to worry about the heat, extreme sweating, and physical exhaustion.Just go out and take advantage of that perfect autumnal weather. As in Autumn, it’s more comfortable to get inside a bubble suit compare to summer.

No bugs

While summer makes it difficult to play outside because of bugs, the biggest relief of Autumn season is you don’t have to deal with the buzz of bugs.

Mosquitos are no longer swarming, the ant moves indoor to avoid cold, and the environment is pest-free. Overall, the wilderness is more friendly and comfortable without them. Surrounding is more inviting to play outdoor sports and enjoy the weekend.

No Air pollution

Australian air contains lots of pollen, and most people are allergic to it. The pollen tends to travel during warm days. The production of the pollen is relatively low during Autumn and winter as compared to summer. So, people who are allergic to pollen can also enjoy bubble soccer during Autumn.

Also, the air pollution due the bushfires is decreasing. With the starting of Autumn, the air gets fresh and clean, which makes the environment perfect for a good session of bubble soccer.

Clare Louise

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