10 Ultimate Steps To Start A Freelancing Business

Businesses across multiple industries worldwide suffered from COVID-19 as the various health protocols set in place kept both employees from leaving their homes and companies from operating. It also became necessary to lay off employees to lower a company’s expenses and survive during the pandemic.

Many laid-off workers decided to start their own freelance business to offer virtual assistant services. Some of these new freelancers already planned to do so in the past, but the pandemic gave them the push they needed to start.

Freelancing as a Filipino virtual assistant can be difficult for newcomers in the industry, mainly because of long-time freelancers who have virtually locked down many potential clients and freelancer websites.

New freelancers can have a hard time starting a freelance business of their own because of more well-known freelancers. Anyone can start a business by defining their business goals, looking for a niche they can focus on, identifying potential clients, setting prices, building an online portfolio, and others.

First-time freelancers need to be wise when starting out since there’s no way they can compete with veteran freelancers. Looking for a niche that the new freelancer can profit from is essential to be able to focus on it instead of competing against established freelancers.

See this infographic by OVA Virtual for more information.

Alison Lurie

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