10 Warning Signs of Mold Toxicity

Mold growth is a growing concern in many urban households. While both homeowners and renters are affected by the effects of mold, many people aren’t aware of the dangers toxic mold exposure can cause. These toxic microorganisms can be found just about everywhere in your home, from rotten foods and unclean bathrooms to carpets, fabrics, and sinks. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on the warning signs of mold toxicity and avoid serious health concerns by contacting a mold remediation company immediately when you notice them.

What is mold toxicity?

Mold toxicity occurs when a person exposed to mold or mold spores experiences health issues. Mold can release naturally occurring toxins into the air, known as mycotoxins. Some people are sensitive to these toxins or may have a mold allergy. Your mold sensitivity can result in various symptoms when you get exposed to such mold for a long period, and it may sometimes lead to serious health conditions.

Who is more at risk?

Molds generally appear in green, white, black, and red colors. They can all be hazardous and may result in mold toxicity. You may face one or more of the following health issues due to mold exposure, as it varies from one person to another. Generally, the following people have a higher risk of developing health issues due to mold toxicity.

  • Residents of a house with poor ventilation and higher humidity levels.
  • People with mold allergies or those with a family history of such allergies.
  • Winemakers, farmworkers, lumber millers, wood makers, and others who regularly get mold exposure at work.
  • Patients with asthma.
  • People who live in moist or flooded environments.

If you fall into one of these categories, you need to be vigilant and must look for warning signs of mold toxicity to avoid developing serious health concerns.

10 Warning Signs of Mold Toxicity

Given below are the 10 tell-tale signs of mold toxicity. If you notice any of these, it’s time to call a mold remediation company and put an end to mold growth in your home. You might also need to see a doctor to relieve the symptoms.

  1. Fungal Arthritis
  2. Depression
  3. Insomnia
  4. Intense, persistent cough
  5. Migraines and headaches
  6. Asthma attack
  7. Red, itchy, or watery eyes
  8. Joint numbness, tingling, or pain
  9. Skin rashes and infection
  10. Sinus problems

If you have prolonged exposure to toxic mold, it may also lead to digestive disorders, mental illness, fatigue, and SIDS. It is important that you see your doctor as soon as possible. Some skin or blood tests may be recommended to confirm if you are allergic to mold, and medications will be prescribed accordingly.

Furthermore, whenever you notice these warning signs of mold toxicity, hire a mold remediation company to get rid of mold on your premises. Make sure you go with a credible service provider to handle the issue carefully and ensure complete mold removal to avoid health problems in the future.

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