2 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Oil Tank Inspected Regularly

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Do you have an oil tank on your property? Is it something that you worry about, or just ignore it until an issue pops up? Because of their size, it might not always be easy to see if an oil tank is leaking, so it’s important to have your tank tested every year. Leaking oil is not only incredibly dangerous and a major fire hazard, but it also poses an environmental hazard. 

Additionally, if the local government finds out that you have a leaking tank, regardless of whether you knew or not, you could find yourself with a ticket and having to pay a hefty fine. Depending on the severity of the leak, you could be looking at fines of hundreds of dollars a day until the situation is remedied. Here are some signs you need to immediately get oil tank testing Westchester County NY done to look for potential problems. 

1. Contaminated Groundwater

Even a small oil leak can cause significant damage to the groundwater. It can then spread into local waterways that animals drink out of, which can hurt them. Additionally, it can cause contamination to your drinking water if you live off of a well. If you notice that your water has a strange taste or odor, it could be because of an oil leak. Furthermore, if you notice that your water has an oily film on it or has any kind of discoloration, you’ll want to immediately call for help. 

2. Dead Plants Nearby

When properties get contaminated by oil, it is not uncommon for plant life nearby to die. If you notice that large patches of grass or plants are wilting and the soil is getting darker, it’s likely more than a simple plant disease. The leaking oil will be able to kill even the heartiest of trees and bushes, so never take for granted that it’s just a plant dying because of disease or rot.

Ensure these issues don’t become realities by getting your oil tank inspected.

Alison Lurie

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