3 Camping Tips To Make Anyone a Happy Camper

For some people, camping is an adventure filled with laughter, enjoyment and quiet. For others, it seems almost like a form of agony. Cold nights, nasty bugs and the prospects of sleeping on the rocky ground don’t appeal to everyone. Never fear! Here are three tips that will get you packing for your next camping trip.

  1. Choose The Right Spot

Not every camping trip is the same because it depends on where you go. Find a camping spot that will knock your socks off. Do some research to find some of the prettiest mountains, valleys or lakes near you. If you live in an area with minimal camping choices, consider driving out to somewhere particularly breathtaking.

Along with choosing a place that is secluded and beautiful, don’t forget to think about what you need. If you hate using outhouses or going to the bathroom in the woods, find a camping area with decent bathroom facilities. You can find information about bathrooms online through reviews and camping websites.

  1. Bring the Right Supplies

A camping trip can become more enjoyable when you bring the right camping gear. After you have chosen your spot, check the weather and learn about the features in that location. If it gets cold at night, be sure to bring lots of blankets and a quality sleeping bag. If there is a lake nearby, bring a swimsuit.

Along with basic gear and clothes, consider bringing supplies that will make your trip more enjoyable. Bug bite relief supplies, sunscreen and a first-aid kit will meet your physical needs. Bring some solar-powered lanterns, portable speakers and games to meet your entertainment needs.

  1. Get Food That You Love

Camping is just another excuse to bring a lot of food, snacks and treats. When shopping, don’t be afraid to get foods you wouldn’t normally splurge on. If you are going to cook by a campfire, buy ingredients that can be a part of your fire-cooked meals. Be sure to get marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate for the fire.

If mornings are the hardest part of a camping trip, grab some hot chocolate or coffee. You’ll appreciate the warm drink before the sun comes out. Breakfasts can be as easy as bagels and cream cheese, or you can go all out with a continental breakfast; bacon and all.

Whether or not you go camping regularly, you can make your next trip memorable by being prepared and choosing your location wisely. You never know, you may enjoy it more than you’d like to admit.

Paul Petersen

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