3 Common Plumbing Problems for Commercial Businesses

As a professional plumber or member of the construction industry, you likely have seen your fair share of plumbing problems in commercial operations. After all, their systems take on more pressure than residential plumbing, which increases the number of potential issues that can occur.

Here are three common plumbing problems that might have workers needing a wholesale plumbing supply company to help get necessary repair supplies onsite quickly.

1. Clogged Drains

Sinks and drains in publicly used bathrooms are notorious for becoming clogged with debris like soap residue and hair. This issue is particularly problematic in restaurant and food environments, medical facilities and educational environments.

Recurring clogs can create problems beyond overflows, as they tend to be smelly and can compromise the pipes over time. Encourage customers not to ignore recurring clogs.

2. Toilet Overflows and Clogs

Unfortunately, patrons and even staff tend to use toilets as substitute garbage cans of sorts. Many flush down items without realizing their contribution to clogs, overflows and other plumbing problems.

So, it’s important to make your commercial clients understand that this is why preventive maintenance like periodic snaking and evaluating system performance is so valuable.

Beyond regular service, encourage management to place educational courtesy signs in stalls with proper disposal recommendations.

3. Low Levels of Hot Water

While customers and staff appreciate having access to hot water, some commercial enterprises must have ample access to hot water in order to meet safety and licensing requirements and regulations. Demand on commercial hot water heater installations is high, so they are prone to breaking down.

However, as a contractor or plumbing professional, you can recommend solutions such as switching to tankless water heaters, insulating water heaters to boost temps, or adding more units to increase hot water supply.

If an inspection reveals the need for costly replacements, money can be saved by getting the necessary equipment at a wholesale plumbing supply dealer.

David Curry

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