3 Conditions Polyethylene Manhole Inserters Can Tolerate With Ease

Any materials and equipment that is used on or near streets and sidewalks must be able to resist severe elements, noxious gasses, and sustained pressure. Polyethylene is one of the most durable compounds on the market, and polyethylene manhole inserts are among the best money can buy. Learn more about some of the extreme conditions polyethylene can withstand effortlessly.

  1. Polyethylene can tolerate extreme temperatures

Communities located in areas with extreme temperatures that have hot summers and freezing winters need equipment made of materials that can tolerate a wide range of temperatures without becoming brittle. Polyethylene is one of the few plastics that can remain intact in extreme temperatures both high and low. Even at -180°F, ultra-high density polyethylene can withstand high impact without cracking. It also won’t melt or lose its shape until hitting at least 250°F.

  1. Polyethylene is corrosion-proof

Sewer systems tend to release high volumes of gases that can cause corrosion on some metals and materials. Corrosion can weaken equipment, rendering it partially or completely ineffective. Fortunately, ultra-high density and high molecular weight polyethylene is highly resistant to several types of chemicals and gases, such as methane, carbon dioxide, ammonia, and more.

  1. Polyethylene doesn’t crack under pressure

Repeated pressure on manholes from cars, construction equipment, and even pedestrian traffic can take a toll on manhole inserters made with subpar materials. Manhole inserters that cannot cope with intense pressure can bend or crack, allowing water and other debris to flow through to the sewer system. Those made out of polyethylene, however, can handle immense pressure over a sustained period of time without breaking or bending.

Many companies offer several types of manhole inserters made out of a variety of materials. Next time you’re searching for manhole inserters, consider ones made of polyethylene if durability is your top priority.

Paul Petersen

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