3 Great Curb Appeal Improvements To Make Your Home Stand Out

Looking to make your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood? Take on some home improvement projects to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Follow these three tips to add impressive curb appeal to your property!

  1. Install a Fence and Gate

Frame your property with style and sophistication by installing a fence along your property lines, complete with an automatic entry gate. A decorative iron fence is recommended for durability and aesthetic reasons, but you could also use fiberglass or other durable materials. Finish the project by installing an automatic driveway gate Brewster NY. An automatic driveway gate will allow you to enter and exit with ease and will act as an extra layer of protection for your property.

  1. Refresh Your Landscaping

If you want your outdoor spaces to really stand out, you’ll need make your landscaping look unique. You can do this by adding height to your garden to give it an extra sense of dimension. Install trellis or a garden obelisk and train a climbing plant to grow on the structure. Use twine to encourage the plant to grow upward. In a few short weeks, you’ll see your climbing plants take off and add height to your garden.

  1. Update Paved Surfaces

Paved areas, if improperly maintained, can negatively affect the overall appearance of any home. If you have any areas of concrete on your property that are in need of some attention, update the hardscape to improve your home’s curb appeal. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to completely replace concrete, though. In most cases, concrete polishing can renew these surfaces, making them look even better than new!

Show friends and neighbors your style and taste by making these curb appeal improvements to your home. Your home will be sure to make an impressive style statement and become the envy of the whole neighborhood!

David Curry

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