3 Great Design Tips for Creating a Luxury Bathroom Retreat

Looking to add comfort and style to your everyday routine? A bathroom makeover is just what you need to feel pampered and relaxed without ever leaving the house. Here are three design tips to assist you in creating the spa-like bathroom that you deserve.

  1. Add Luxury Finishes

No spa-like bathroom is complete without touches of luxury that make the space truly special. Consult with an expert luxury interior designer Boulder CO to select the finishes that give your space sophistication and personality. Use stones like marble or granite for your vanity counter or tub surround and woods like teak or cedar for accents like a tub caddy or bathmat.

  1. Incorporate Nature

Many spas have a Zen-like look that incorporates elements of nature, and it’s easy to get the same vibe at home by including plants in the design of your bathroom space. Since the plants will be living in a room that’s typically warmer and more humid than other parts of the house, choose plants like Aloe Vera or Chinese Evergreen – they require very little maintenance and add interesting texture and color to the room.

  1. Install Surround Sound

Spas typically are places where you can indulge all your senses, including your sense of hearing. A surround sound system that works with Bluetooth is a great luxury feature that helps you turn an ordinary bathroom into something extraordinary. This is a project you can do yourself if you’re handy, but it might be best to consult an electrician to do any necessary wiring work. Once it’s done, you can ditch the old bathroom stereo and enjoy the convenience of streaming music through your wireless sound system.

Enhance your daily life by completing a practical bathroom makeover. By following these tips, you can turn your bathroom into a home spa that envelops you in luxury and comfort.

Paul watson

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