3 Hobbies for Women Who Are Ready for Change

Developing a new hobby is about more than passing the time. If you find the right one, it will also empower you to grow and develop as a person. What do empowering hobbies have in common? They tend to push you out of your comfort zone and discover what you are capable of. Others may provide a sense of accomplishment as you revel in a finished job well done. No matter how they work, here are three hobbies that can help transform your life.

  1. Rock Climbing

In addition to being an incredible full-body workout, rock climbing can help build confidence, making it a great hobby for facilitating emotional and physical transformation. It is a good idea to take a class first where you can learn proper climbing techniques and safety procedures. Many climbing gyms and guides offer them at affordable prices. If you are planning to go outdoors, group climbs ensure a certain level of safety and are a great way to meet other like-minded people.

  1. Gardening

Gardening brings joy to people all over the world. It provides an excellent chance to spend time in nature, which encourages emotional and physical healing. According to researchers, spending two hours a week in nature is directly linked to positive health outcomes. For an added benefit, try your hand at raising vegetables. You will never look at a dinner plate the same once you realize the sense of accomplishment to be found in producing your own food.

  1. Target Shooting

Target shooting was once considered a male-dominated sport, but it has become more inclusive lately. Whether you want to shoot at an indoor pistol range or try your hand with clay pigeons, first time gun buyers should work with someone knowledgeable and experienced to ensure they know proper safety and range etiquette before getting started.

Hobbies that teach skills and push you out of your comfort zone can be transformative. If you are looking for something new to pass the time, consider trying your hand at gardening, climbing or target shooting for a challenge.

David Curry

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