3 Projects To Complete in Less Than a Day

Your list of repairs and home improvement projects may be weighing on your mind, but you can finish the smaller tasks first to shorten the list significantly. Kitchen or bathroom remodels may take several days, and some projects may not be complete before the holidays. Before the winter sets in, it’s wise to tackle the smaller outdoor projects that you can finish in a few hours. Some of the possible activities include fire pit construction, planting shrubs and flowers and conserving potting soil.

  1. Installing Fire Pits

A fire pit installed on your backyard patio is an excellent addition for relaxing with friends and family. You have several choices for building materials including metal, stone and concrete. If you’re unable to install the pit yourself, you can contact a professional concrete contractor Kentucky. Soon, you’ll be sipping hot coffee in front of a cozy fire and roasting marshmallows with the kids.

  1. Planting Shrubs and Spring Flowers

With some areas of the country experiencing the first frosts of the season, now is the ideal time to plant shrubs and spring flowers. Flower bulbs and small trees can be planted before the soil goes through extended periods of freezing temperatures. After planting, place a thick layer (up to 4 inches) of mulch around the plants’ base to conserve moisture.

  1. Conserving Potting Soil

Your perennial potted plants are likely on their last legs, but you can save the soil for the next growing season. First, remove the dying plants’ roots and debris from the pots. Use a compost sifter or kitchen colander to expose trash or foreign seeds and collect the sifted soil in a large storage container. Store the container in a garage, outdoor shed or shaded area of the yard. In the spring, you won’t have to buy new soil for all your plants.

Although your plans for home projects may be massive, you can finish the smaller projects first to make your list less intimidating.

Paul Petersen

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