3 Reasons To Cruise From Galveston, Texas

When most people think of taking a tropical vacation by hitching a ride on a floating hotel, they probably don’t think of Galveston, Texas as a great place to embark from. Here are three great reasons to choose Galveston as the starting point for your next cruise vacation.

Great Location

Although Texas is the second largest state in the nation, the state is as close to the middle of the country as you can be; so, you can expect about a three hour flight from the East Coast or the West Coast to Houston. Houston has the closest major airport to Galveston, Texas. Transportation from Houston airport to Galveston cruise port is simple and cost effective thanks to direct to port shuttle services. Luckily for international travelers, Houston Hobby Airport is one of the busiest airports in the country with a large variety of flights in-and-out of the United States daily.

Variety of Cruise Adventures

The cruise lines offer a variety of vacation lengths from three nights to two weeks. There is a variety of cruise lines to choose from too. Some lines are more exclusive and cater to the type of vacationer who wants to leave the kids at home with grandparents. If a family vacation is on your mind, there are also several cruise lines that will entertain children and teenagers of all ages. Cruising is a multi-generational vacation with something exciting for everyone. Try zip-lining through the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula or hand feeding the sting rays off the coast of the Cayman Islands.

Less Tourism

People may have a point if they say that cruising could be more exciting from Long Beach, California or Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but they probably are not considering the massive amount of crowds found on a year-round basis in the greater Los Angeles and Miami areas. Galveston has its tourist season in the spring and summer, but the crowds are a lot smaller in comparison. This means that parking is easier to find, hotels are not always at capacity, and restaurants do not require reservations for a decent table. The seafood in Galveston is great too. If you and your family want to extend your vacation, consider camping on Galveston Beach. The water is much warmer than the chilly Pacific waves of California.

Texas may have a reputation for blank desert landscapes but don’t forget its Gulf of Mexico lined coast. Thanks to the port of Galveston, the cruise industry is booming in the Lone Star State.

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