3 Simple Ways to Spruce Up a Commercial Property

When customers arrive at your small business, are they receiving a great first impress? An outdated or unpleasant appearance has the potential to turn off both new and existing customers alike. Here are three simple ways to spruce up the exterior of your commercial space.

  1. Clean the Exterior

Your commercial property is exposed to all the elements of nature and the weathering that goes along with it. No matter what material is on the exterior of your building – brick, concrete, or vinyl siding – nature is going to have an impact. Luckily, a good soak with a pressure washer instantly lifts the curb appeal of any business. An expert pressure washing company Tarpon Springs FL takes care of this job for you and enhances the overall look of your property in the process.

  1. Update Parking Areas

If you’re in charge of maintaining the parking areas around your business, check for areas of damage. A poorly maintained parking lot isn’t just unattractive, it can also be unsafe. Instead of completing a full renovation, usually a simple concrete resurfacing process can bring these areas up to an acceptable functional and aesthetic standard, saving you money and improving your property overall.

  1. Add Landscaping

Commercial properties look stark and uninviting without a little bit of natural life. There are creative ways to add landscaping to a commercial property even if you don’t have a dedicated greenspace to work with. Use planter boxes or hanging flower baskets to bring natural color to your property. Fill them with colorful annuals and place them near your businesses’ main entry doors to turn them into attractive focal points.

Remember that the concept of curb appeal applies to commercial properties just as much as it does to residential ones. Concentrate your efforts on the steps listed above to give your business lasting curb appeal that keeps customers coming back.

David Curry

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