3 Things That Will Help You Declutter And Organize Your Outdoor Space

In some cases, the inside matters more than what is on the outside. However, this case does not apply to your outdoor space. As much as possible, we would like to keep our outdoor spaces as clean and organized as possible. You could think of it in a way that your outdoor space is the first impression of your guests.

You do not need any big and fancy renovations for your outdoor space. You only need to incorporate a couple of things to help you organize and declutter. Lucky for you, we listed down three of our favorite storage ideas perfect for a decluttered and blissful outdoor space. You can even do or create some of these storage solutions on your own!

Outdoor spaces bring the same level of bliss as the inside part of your home. There are a lot of precious moments that occur on your porch, backyard, and driveway. Make sure you get to fully utilize those spaces to not get in the way of those precious moments!

Heavy Duty Outdoor Garbage Can

It would be best if you get rid of any trash or clutter that lies on your porch, backyard, or driveway. Placing a heavy-duty outdoor garbage can on your outdoor space can make it look and feel hygienic. You would not want to see piles of garbage scattered around your outdoor space, right? With an outdoor garbage can, you can make sure that you have a designated place for trash, garbage, or waste.

We stressed the “heavy-duty” aspect that most likely, you will place this garbage bin on your outside space. It is necessary that the trash bin can withstand all the elements outside and not get easily destroyed. You would want your outdoor garbage can to last you a couple of months, or even a couple of years.

If you do not value aesthetics, you can quickly get yourself an outdoor garbage can made of durable plastic that rolls out. There are a lot of 32-gallon roll-out variations that should get the job done. However, if you like to be fancy, there are also outdoor garbage cans from LOFAMI and Keter Copenhagen with premium looks. 

Outdoor Storage Bins

There is a significant chance that you have a lot of stuff, mainly tools, lying around on your outside space. This “stuff” can range around gardening tools, carpentry tools, shoes, and many more. Now, you can organize them by getting yourself an outdoor storage bin. You can even get separate outdoor storage bins for specific items!

You can use a separate outdoor storage bin to store things for gardening, carpentry, and so on. There are different sizes when it comes to storage bins, so you should get the estimates before purchasing one yourself. You can buy yourself a small deck, medium deck, and large deck storage boxes for your outdoor storage needs.

The small deck storage can store up to 50 gallons and is perfect for holding small or little items. In case you need more space, the medium deck storage bins should be perfect for you. Medium deck storage bins can hold up to 51 to 99 gallons and are ideal for cushions, towels, and more. The large deck holds up to 100 to 149 gallons perfect for storing anything that has a bit of size.

Outdoor Storage Bench

You can upgrade your storage bins by getting you an outdoor storage bench. With this alternative, you can quickly turn your storage spaces into outdoor furniture. Outdoor storage spaces are perfect for those who like using their outdoor spaces to socialize. You can sit a lot of people and not compromise on your storage space with an outdoor storage bench.

The beauty of an outdoor storage bench is that you can do it yourself. This DIY outdoor storage bench should be perfect because it gives you the chance to personalize and plan the bench specs to match your outdoor space. It can also match your needs when it comes to storage space. Need bigger storage space? Make sure you create your DIY outdoor storage bench to have a more significant area.

You can use crates, wood, and even an old trunk to serve as your outdoor storage bench. An old dresser can also be an option, as converting it to a new storage bench is relatively easy. Get creative now and start planning your new outdoor storage bench!


There you go. As you can see, you do not need any significant amount of cash to change the way your outdoor space feels. You can simply organize and set proper designations. You do not want your outdoor space to look like a tornado went by your space. These storage solutions should get the task of organizing your outdoor space dome!

There are several approaches and options when it comes to these storage solutions. You can procure this storage solution or do it yourself. Regardless, these storage solutions should be the perfect answer in getting rid of all the clutter on your outdoor space. 


David Curry

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