3 Things To Check Before Buying an Older Home

Popular home renovation television shows, online blogs and magazines have caused renewed interest among homebuyers for older houses. Many are embracing the fine craftsmanship and charm of an older property over the often cookie-cutter styles of more modern homes. There are plenty of older properties available as recent census data shows 13.5% of the homes in the United States were built before 1940, and 19% of those built between 1940 and 1950 are still occupied today. If you are considering purchasing an older home, be sure to check out these three things before you sign that contract.


If the house has never been remodeled, take a look at the condition of the window frames and glass. If the frames are broken, consider how much it would cost to repair them. If you find single pane glass throughout the home, you will need to do a window replacement San Francisco to convert them to energy-efficient double pane glass. Although the initial cost will be large, the increased comfort you will have in your home and the lower annual heating and cooling bill will make up for it.


Hire a plumber to inspect the pipes and scope the sewer line to check the pipes’ condition and look for any blockages from tree roots or debris. He or she will advise if any of the plumbing needs to be replaced and will give you an estimate of the cost.


In addition to the plumbing, have an experienced electrician inspect the electric wiring in the home to determine if it needs to be updated. If GFCI outlets are not already installed in the kitchen and bathrooms, inquire about the cost to have them put in.

Checking for any issues with the windows, plumbing and electrical systems in an older home will give you an estimate of how much it would cost to have them fixed. If you still want to buy the house, negotiate the purchase price down to cover the expense of the updates.


David Curry

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