3 Tips for Concealed Carry in Trucks

Trucks are a great vehicle for people who often find themselves needing to move oversized objects. The tradeoff, however, is that trucks are significantly restricted when it comes to cab room. With space at a premium, it can be difficult to imagine finding the room to store your concealed carry weapons. Here are three ways to maximize the space in your truck and safely conceal carry.

Extended Cab: Under Rear Seat Lockbox

Extended cab trucks offer more interior space than crew cab pickups, but with the increase in passenger capacity, it becomes even more important to ensure your concealed carry weapons are secure. Truck gun safes that are designed to fit under your truck’s rear seat won’t intrude on valuable legroom, keeping the back seat comfortable for passengers. Nor will a truck safe, designed with your vehicle in mind, interfere with any rear sound systems. A rear seat truck safe is long enough to house a rifle, deep enough that you will be able to store several guns in the same vault, and wide enough that you’ll be able to store several other large items, such as tools, that might otherwise take up space in the backseat. Having a dedicated under the seat truck safe also keeps your safe out of sight.

Crew Cab: Behind the Seat Vault

Trucks without an extended cab have the least amount of space to work with. Truck gun safes that fit behind the seat of a crew cab utilize the small space between the back of the seat and the truck bed. You can find a truck gun safe that is designed to fit your specific truck model, meaning you won’t have to worry about making modifications to your vehicle. As with the under the seat safe models, these crew cab truck gun safes are long enough to fit a long gun and deep enough to hold more than one gun.

Crew Cab: Under the Bench Seat Vault

Older crew cab pickup trucks might be reliable towers, but having a pair of working seat hinges might be too much to ask. If your crew cab’s bench seat no longer folds forward, or if you’d rather use that space to store things like tools and clothing, gun vault safes designed to be installed under crew cab seats are a perfect option. Unlike an extended cab rear seat truck safe that is wide and opens upward, crew cab truck gun safes are slimmer and open toward the foot space. These truck safes don’t rely on the removal of a seat to access a concealed weapon, and so what they lack in width they make up for in ease of retrieval. As with the extended cab rear seat gun safe, these crew cab gun vaults are long enough for you to store a long gun with ease.

Safety is the most important part of being a responsible gun owner, and securing your weapons should always be a priority. Don’t let the tight confines of a truck make you neglect your safety and the safety of your passengers.

Alison Lurie

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