3 Types of Items Commonly Stored in a Mini Storage Unit


So, you’ve determined that you need a bit of extra space outside of the home or office to put a few things neatly out of sight, but not necessarily out of mind.

For those mini storage stockton ca needs, a popular choice to meet those needs is a private or public mini storage unit. Here ar.e some things customers often utilize these affordable spaces for

1. Small Business Inventory or Spillover

Items like unused office furniture, decorations, and shipping and service supplies for a small business can take up valuable space that can be better utilized.

A mini storage unit can quickly become an easy solution that keeps those commercial goods handy, but out of the way of daily operations when not in use.

2. Seasonal Items

Are you the neighbor known as the one who decorates to the max for seasonal holidays or annual celebrations?

If so, there’s likely room for a storage unit in your life where you can keep all those Halloween spooky items, Christmas decorations and trees, and other holiday goods for the rest of the year.

If you enjoy a weather-dependent sport there’s likely lots of gear taking up the garage, and a mini storage may fit your lifestyle and space needs nicely.

3. ‘Just in Case’ Household Items and Goods

Even after investing new small household appliances, you might want to hold on to functioning old ones for reasons such as adult children getting ready to move out, or maybe you plan to donate them in the future.

Household goods such as extra books, clothes, seasonal linens and electronics are good candidates to go into a mini storage. Essentially, this private space can be your go-to just in case you find yourself in need of items you might have considered getting rid of.

Paul Petersen

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