3 Ways To Prep Your Home for Hurricane Season

If you live in a place that gets frequent (or even occasional) hurricanes, odds are you are familiar with hurricane prep. However, if you are lucky enough to have been missed by severe weather in recent years and feel a bit rusty, here are some ways that you can begin to prepare for the worst today.

Install Storm Doors

Installing doors that can withstand weather is particularly important if your home faces the water or does not have other buildings around it to add a protective barrier. Contact a company that sells impact doors West Palm Beach early in the season so you can get them installed before everyone else gets the same idea. These doors are tough and designed to withstand strong winds and water damage, both of which could devastate your home.

Don’t Forget Your Pets

Formulate a plan for your pet in case bad weather strikes. Do you have enough food stockpiled? If your pet gets nervous, do you have calming supplements or anything else to help soothe them? Most importantly, if you have to evacuate, ensure that you are able to take your pet with you. Have a list of places on hand that are pet friendly so you are not stuck scrambling to find a spot at the last minute.

Inventory Your Property

Keep a running list of all of the valuable items inside and outside your home. If your home gets damaged, you should have a fairly accurate estimate of the costs of what was destroyed so that insurance can reimburse you properly. It may seem like a chore to take note of everything that you purchase, but it could be well worth it.

Preparing for bad weather is something you can do all year long. Follow these tips and you’ll be as ready as possible if disaster strikes.

Alison Lurie

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