4 Benefits of a Pre-Sale Home Inspection

The home-buying season is just about here. If you’re considering selling your home this spring, now is the moment to prepare by scheduling a pre-sale home inspection. While you might associate home inspections with the buying process, and you’d be essentially correct, pre-sale inspections are a valuable tool for sellers wishing to take more control of the selling process. Here are four reasons a pre-sale home inspection is a wise investment:

1. Awareness

Common sense might suggest that no one knows your home better than you do; after all, you’ve been living in it. But the truth is, sometimes it’s easy to miss stuff, even when it’s right under your nose. A pre-sale inspection gives you an objective, third-party view of your home and uncovers potential problems that have gone undetected.

And what if you haven’t been living in the home? If the home you’re selling has been vacant, rented, or used as a vacation rental, you need a pre-sale inspection to give you an honest, straightforward, reliable view of the condition of the home and the challenges potential buyers will see.

2. Control

Chances are high your home will be subjected to an inspection during the sale. Waiting for a pre-purchase inspection puts you at the mercy of a buyer’s timeline. If problems are revealed, you’ll be required to act quickly and the buyer will dictate much of your response. A pre-sale inspection gives you the ability to resolve any problems at your own pace and as you see fit. 

Be aware that buyers will rarely rely solely on a pre-sale inspection. Savvy buyers will schedule their own inspection. But, if you’ve already had an inspection and made honest disclosures or completed repairs, the buyer’s inspection is unlikely to reveal any surprises, and the entire process will go quickly and smoothly for all parties.

3. Marketing

A pre-sale inspection report gives buyers important information about your home that differentiates it from the competition. For example, a pre-sale residential roofing inspection in Philadelphia, PA, lets potential buyers know upfront the condition of your roof, which might make it more attractive than a home where the roof condition is questionable or unknown. A pre-sale inspection also communicates that you’re serious about selling and gives you a chance to highlight features of your home that are in particularly good condition.

4. Pricing

Determining how to price your home can be daunting. A pre-sale inspection helps you set a fair price that considers any issues the buyer might need to address once they own the home. If the condition of your home is in doubt, buyers will generally make lower offers. A pre-sale inspection clears away much of that doubt and facilitates a more transparent negotiation. 

Are you selling your home this spring? Schedule a pre-sale home inspection today to set yourself up for success.

David Curry

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