4 Common Masonry Services

Masonry is one of those topics and home projects that people don’t think much about until their home’s brickwork becomes unruly and out of hand. Masonry services Woodbridge VA can encompass a wider variety of services than many may be aware of, including the following:

Pool Surroundings

Pools surrounded by bricks have a classic and elegant look that makes homeowners want to host get-togethers with friends and families. If the bricks surrounding the pool begin to crumble or shift, however, this can make the area look unkempt and even provide a safety hazard. 

Masonry experts know exactly how to handle poolside bricks to restore the area to its former glory in a timely and cost-effective manner. 


There is nothing quite like sitting around the fire and watching the warm glow of the flames unless your chimney is dirty or falling apart. Poorly maintained chimneys can also be a safety issue, so it’s best to schedule regular maintenance on your chimney and bringing a masonry expert if you notice changes in the brickwork. 

Flower Beds

Whether you’re an avid gardener yourself or you’re hiring a landscaping team, broken or misaligned bricks on your flowerbeds can take away from the beautiful flowers and vegetable gardens provide to your home. Having well-maintained brick flowerbeds can increase your home’s curb appeal and make your garden stand out in your neighborhood. 


Brick walkways can be beautiful, but they can also look horrendous if harsh winter weather has shifted them around or weeds have been allowed to grow between them. Shifted bricks can also cause people to trip and fall or limit wheelchair access. Get your walkways maintained regularly and contact a masonry expert to have them fixed in no time. 

Bricks offer a timeless look for your home or business, but they can quickly take your property from elegant to an eyesore if they aren’t properly maintained. 

Clare Louise

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