4 Ideas for Customizing Your Home

Everyone wants his or her home to be an expression of his or her unique tastes. There are many ways you can customize your living space, from simple decore additions to large-scale remodeling. Here are four ideas for customizing your home.

1. Install Window Grilles

You may think it’s difficult to customize the style of your windows after a home is already built, but there’s more to windows than their shapes. You can customize the panes of your windows with the addition of insertable decorative window grilles. Simply choose a style and then you can get someone to install the grilles or install them yourself.

2. Redo Your Kitchen

While there are many simple ways to customize your living space, there are also plenty of more extensive options. One of these is remodeling your entire house or specific rooms, most commonly the bathroom or the kitchen. Redoing the kitchen allows you to choose not only design accents, color schemes and layout but also new and unique elements. You can get specialized appliances, such as freezer drawers and built-in microwaves. You can also get creative with storage and living space, building breakfast books and storage that matches your needs exactly.

3. Get Creative with Decorations

Displaying decorations is one of the key ways people customize their living spaces. Many people put out knick-knacks, choose furniture pieces and arrangements and hang wall art. You can hang photos or art that you like or have made. Choose paint or wallpaper that you like. If you want to get really creative, consider options such as exposed shelving, chalkboard walls and gallery walls.

4. Choose New Flooring

Another popular method of customization involves removing the flooring your home came with and installing flooring material of your choosing. Many manufactured homes come with carpeted flooring, but various hard flooring options are quite popular. You can choose from hardwood, tile, vinyl and other hard flooring materials. If you choose hardwood, you’ll have even more options in terms of the type of wood and type of finish. Whatever option you choose, you’ll have your choice of color and pattern. You can also further customize these flooring options by layering area rugs over them.

When you’re considering customizing your home, think about your budget, your interests and what you want your home to look like. Make sure the customizations are things you’re comfortable with. If you’re unwilling to submit to remodeling, then choose simpler options.

David Curry

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