4 Items for Perfect Haircare

Spring is just around the corner, and there is no denying that with sweat, humidity and intense temperature, your hairs may face numerous challenges as rising temperature is harsh on all hair textures and types. Exposure to sunlight in summer even for a minute means damage your natural hair shines which results in dandruff and itchy scalp. Excessive oiliness on the scalp also means greasy, flabby and lifeless hairs.

To cope with loss of the moisture of your hair and severe dryness, ensure to defend your hair from sun damage for perfect styling. We have shared a list of variety of new products in this line that will help you keep your hair healthy and shiny. So explore the information shared in the below passage to look great on the steamiest days in this summer season.

  • Moringa Shine & Protection Shampoo

Hair care begins with good scalp care whether it is summer or any season of the year. Use Moringa Shampoo and Conditioner to gently clean your hair and scalp without stripping essential oils. It entails vitamins and minerals that provide the hair with essential nutrients required for extra care for thin and fragile hair. It repairs and strengthens the hair follicles to restore hair, strengthen hair and reduce hair loss. You can get moringa shine and protection shampoo at discounted price on its web store by using The Body Shop Code.

  • Coconut Oil

Summer means heat and dampness, which unfortunately causes frizz and can make your hair dry and brittle. Coconut oil has the ability to make your hair stronger, thicker and longer. It contains vitamins and fatty acids which help nourish your scalp and penetrate the cuticle of your hair. It also helps to remove accumulated sebum from the hair follicles, which speeds up growth. To maintain the healthy and hydrated scalp, gently apply plenty of coconut oil to your hair with your fingers and massage the scalp and hair then leave it for at least 2 hours.

  • Banana Hair Mask

Banana mask is helpful in conditioning of hairs to make them soft, voluminous and shiny. Bananas contain antioxidants that strengthen the scalp and hair defense systems and reduce oxidative stress which is a major cause of hair brittleness and aging. Resultantly, Banana masks, over a time can make your hair follicles stronger and longer. Applying banana masks can cutting down on dryness and also rid your scalp of those microscopic offenders that are the root cause of dandruff symptoms.

  • Grape seed Serum

To keep your hairs hydrated in summer, grape seed serum is the best choice. With its excessive level of antioxidants, vitamin E and omegas, over processed and dry hairs because of everyday straightening and styling benefited greatly. As a deep hydrator, it keeps your hairs moisturized and preserves their natural shine by protecting them from UV damage. In addition, grape seed oil can put a stop to the production of a hormone named DHT that causes weakening of hair follicles and hair loss.


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