4 Potential Causes of Flooding

Your home is probably one of the biggest investments you will ever make. There are many things that can cause structural damage to your house, and few are as destructive as flooding. Understanding the potential causes can help you identify the warning signs so that you can fix them before they become large issues.

  1. Leaks

Even a small leak can cause a great deal of damage that may be costly and time-consuming to repair. Furthermore, a hidden leak can lead to mold damage in your home. Your water bill is a good indication of a potential water loss. When you complete monthly inspections of your home, be sure to check under sinks and appliances for signs of damaged materials.

  1. Sewer Problems

Sewer damage can leave a nasty mess in your home. Know the telltale signs of a sewer backup. If multiple drains in an area of your home are clogged, the problem could be in the sewer line itself. Tree roots can damage lines underground and cause problems. Alternatively, you may need ejector pump services Hillsboro OR, to repair specific parts of your sewer system.

  1. Weak Foundation

A cracked or damaged foundation can cause more structural damage itself. Additionally, it allows space for groundwater to enter your home’s basement or bottom level. While a sump pump can help get rid of standing water in your home, the best solution is fixing the foundation to prevent flooding in the first place.

  1. Storms

Flooding is often a threat during storm season. You can minimize the damage to your home, however, by inspecting your roof and fixing any weak spots prior to the season’s arrival. Stock up on barriers such as sandbags to protect the doors and other entry points, as they are the areas that are likely to be the most vulnerable to flooding.

Protecting your biggest investment is often no more complicated than regular inspections and maintenance. With a little diligence and preparation, you can protect your home from the common types of flooding.

Agnes John

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