4 Roles of a PR Professional

Good Public relations professionals are experts at seeing an organisation through the eyes of journalists and editors. PR is all about crafting stories and pitching them to the media at the right time. Organisations often call on external PR professionals to ensure they are communicating effectively with their audience in all aspects.  PR is an overarching term for many types of communications, and many professionals have skills across all of them.

Market Research

PR professionals use market research to plan projects that aim to improve brand awareness and audience attitudes. A project’s success needs to be tailored to each organisation. This requires extensive research into the organisation, its brand, the company’s history, the marketplace its operating within, the brand’s level of awareness within the community and how its audience feels about the brand.

This research is invaluable to the success of PR, as it often reveals a whole range of reasons why existing marketing and PR attemp-ts have been unsuccessful and where the gaps are

Market research gives PR professionals an understanding of where the industry is moving and what potential opportunities Lie ahead.


A great portion of a PR professional’s job is writing.

The most well-known form of writing in PR is a media release. Media releases are used to disperse news about an organisation. Media releases are typically sent to media organisations and professionals, such as magazines, newspapers and journalists. PR professionals also write email pitches to get their stories in the hands of journalists.

PR professionals are often required to write internal and external content for their clients. Internal content is published on the client’s website while external content is published on another organisation’s website, which is valuable for SEO and digital marketing strategy.

Social media management

Managing an organisation’s social media is often outsourced to PR firms. These platforms are useful tools for engaging with audiences and building a brand. Many PR professionals achieve this by using the platforms to interact and engage with the audiences, and publish unique content.

Crisis management

When something goes wrong, poor media communication can damage a brand’s reputation. PR professionals help prepare an organisation in how it deals with the media – formulating a communications strategy to proactively protect the organisation.Crisis management often includes how to address the media – how, when and why.

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Paul Petersen

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