4 Suggestions for Planning a Historic Home Renovation in Philadelphia

If you’re restoring a historical home in Philadelphia, PA, then you’ve joined a community of homeowners devoted to preserving structures in the birthplace of our nation. During your first renovation project, you might wonder what features you need to focus on and when to complete the work. Building contractors and realtors offer suggestions for how to approach your historic home remodel.

  1. Ensure Safety and Stability

Your older home may or may not have “good bones”, which refers to the stability of its original structure and building materials. Initially, you may need to replace or repair damaged flooring and plaster, and also clean up toxic debris such as lead, mold and asbestos. Next, you can contact plumbers and look for electrical service upgrades Philadelphia PA to fix pipes and update electrical wiring. 

  1. Choose Which Interior Features To Preserve or Change

Remember which aspects attracted you to the home in the first place. Historical residences in Philadelphia often have lovely wood elements.  You might want to highlight colonial or Victorian era craftsmanship by focusing on wood flooring, crown molding, doors and window frames. 

  1. Plan Your Exterior Renovation Carefully

To make any changes to exterior items such as roofing, doors, windows, lighting or front siding, you need to get permission from the Historical Commission first. They will grant special permits and list restrictions for compliance.

  1. Explore Ways To Modernize 

There are ways to make your older home comfortable and functional for modern living while still maintaining its historical authenticity. Choose a few modern features such as an open floor plan or updated wiring to support tech devices, and get help from a contractor to figure out how to blend them into your home. 

If you plan your remodeling project with these considerations, you will be able to add your personal preferences and showcase the beauty of an era. After completion, take time to celebrate the fruits of your labor and enjoy your “new” home! 

David Curry

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