4 Things To Do if You Lock Yourself Out of Your Car

Locking yourself out of the car can be embarrassing and stressful, but you need to remember you’re not the first and you won’t be the last. Before you do any of the things below, double check all doors and the trunk of your car to see if anything is unlocked. If you have a true emergency, such as a child locked in a hot car, call 911 before you do anything else.

  1. Call a Locksmith

Whether you lock yourself out or the key breaks in your car door, a locksmith can provide the help you need. They can quickly extract a broken key point blank tx or open your door without causing damage to your car. While you have them available, see if they can make you an extra key so you have a spare if it happens again.

  1. Try to Unlock the Door Yourself

With a metal coat hangar available, you may be able to slide it into the gap between your door and window to reach the lock and unlock it. It will take some finagling, but it might work. You could also try using a strip of hard, thin plastic or a shoelace with a loop tied in it if you can pull the lock up to release it.

  1. Get the Spare Key

If forgetfulness is a trait of yours, consider giving spare keys to friends and family members you trust. A quick call to someone with a spare can save you the cost of having a professional come out to help you.

  1. Call Roadside Assistance

Another option you may have available is roadside assistance. If your car is new, it may be included in the warranty or you may have it through your car insurance.

Once you’ve locked yourself out of the car once, you won’t want to go through the hassle again. Prepare yourself with a spare key or purchase your next car with a keyless entry or reminder system.

David Curry

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